BMO was founded in 2011, as an offshore met-ocean measurement company.

Over the years, it has developed into a data solution company, delivering operational information and decision support systems for the marine industry. We do this using our own flexible hardware platform and onboard measurement systems for end-to-end quality and security.


BMO was born out of the need for vessel charterers and operators to have unbiased performance information. This leads to our slogan:


“Without data – It’s just an opinion”


The last 8 years, BMO has become a solid business partner for its growing client base. Over the years BMO has attracted people and skills from various industries and companies to continuously design and develop our hardware and online services.


We have a proven track record, with measurements on dozens of vessels amongst different wind parks in the major markets of Northern Europe. Because we actually work on site as well as with the corporate main office, we are very adept at bridging the knowledge gap between operations and back office.  We have a strong understanding of the offshore wind industry and are approved by the Crown Estate Offshore Wind Accelerator to provide vessel motion monitoring equipment. 


To wind farm operators and large EPC contractors, we pride ourselves on excellent relations with all major vessel providers and ship designers who also know us to be reliable and trustworthy. This means the implementation of new data acquisition campaigns can be done swiftly and effectively.


In the most recent year, we have successfully rolled out a new product for both wind energy and the O&G industry. The Argus, suitable for large campaign vessels with gangway systems, is a new addition to the BMO portfolio. More information can be found under ‘Product & Technology'.


BMO stands for Better Measurements Offshore.

BMO is an independent data provider, data gathering and analysis company in the offshore wind energy specializing in protecting and optimizing marine assets. Better means that the your data is transformed into relevant information in a timely manner.  We know data driven thinking in marine operations is where large gains can be made and we facilitate our clients with the right tools to make this step.


Our core belief is that: “Data does not improve your business – Well informed marine professional making smart decisions do. “


BMO Offshore brings together offshore wind and O&G project experience, scientific measurement know-how and operational experience in construction and maintenance campaigns. We develop integrated measurement solutions and gather data that is linked and translated to specific KPI's that fit your company workflow. This information drives business excellence and thereby improves the safety and efficiency.

BMO can help you maximize vessel utilization, reduce costs and increase asset efficiency.

For more information, look at our ‘Product & Technology'.